finEDgeNavigating Financial Decisions is a one-semester, research-based financial education program for grades 9-12. The program's content and pedagogical approach are based on learning science, behavioral change research, and the latest information on effective design of formal and informal financial education experiences.


finEDge is designed to highlight what students need to learn and the ways they learn best. Through a modular approach, the program offers structure and flexibility for teachers, allowing them to emphasize the modules that are most relevant for their students.

Students develop an understanding of financial well-being and create a vision of what it means to them. As students progress through each of the 7 modules, they add to and refine their visions and create goals to move toward them. Each module includes a cumulative project that provides students with the opportunity to synthesize key concepts and practice the financial decision-making process.

Module 0 - Financial Decision-Making in Context

Module 1 - Saving & Spending

Module 2 – Borrowing

Module 3 – Earning

Module 4 – Investing

Module 5 - Managing Risk

Module 6 - Financing Post-Secondary Education



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