The Catholic Textbook Project provides educators with access to high-quality textbooks to help inspire students in their educational and faith-based journeys. By incorporating the Church into the likes of science, history, and literature, each lesson will guide them into a deeper understanding of historical events while creating connections between the role of Christ and the Church. The grade-specific offerings include fourth grade to high school. Catholic Textbook Project textbooks are in use in schools in more than 100 dioceses nationwide.

What sets these history textbooks apart from other history textbooks?

  • Our history textbooks tell the story of history presented in a journalistic-story type style that engages students.

  • They highlight the lives of saints who impacted history and contributions of Catholics throughout the ages.

  • They tell history using stories which draw students into the action, so they remember history better than they would by reading lists of facts & dates.

  • Our history textbooks deliver all of history, but they include the significant historic contributions of Catholic men & women, lay people, religious orders, etc. throughout the world for the past 2,000 years.

  • Written in an engaging journalistic style, Catholic Textbook Project textbooks bring history to life for students

  • Thumbnail Biographies of Key Historical Figures

  • Timelines - Maps - Charts

  • Full color images of fine art

  • Poetry - Music - Literature
    When you teach from our textbooks, your students will enter into history in a whole new way, lifted up by the insight of a holistic and academic Catholic worldview.


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