About Us

Kendall Hunt PreK-12

Our programs are built upon a strong foundation of research, including that which shows students develop a deeper understanding of educational content when they can become actively involved in their own learning. Developed by author teams from some of the nation’s top academic research projects, our programs grow out of the authors’ own findings, are further informed by the independent research of others, and are field tested in actual classrooms prior to publication. This strong research base ensures that our programs are developed from sound approaches that have been validated through teacher feedback and successful classroom results.

Students learn best when new ideas are placed in real-world contexts that are relevant to their own lives. That’s why our programs present education in ways that resonate with learners. Whether used with entire classrooms or smaller groups of students, our programs differentiate instructions to meet the needs of all learners and are supported with high-quality professional development that sets the stage for achievement by every student.