The Credo series encourages high school students to live their lives in response to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Students are called upon to live as people of faith through prayer, reflection, and meditation. 


Credo has been written to conform to the USCCB Curriculum Framework, and provides young people with a faith-centered framework within which they will find meaning and purpose for their lives and opens students to the richness of the Catholic faith tradition. 


All of the core titles are full conformity with the USCCB Framework:

  • Course 1 God’s Word Revealed in Sacred Scripture
  • Course 2 Son of God and Son of Mary
  • Course 3 The Promised One: Servant and Savior
  • Course 4 The Body of Christ: The Church
  • Course 5 Encountering Christ in the Sacraments
  • Course 6 Living and Loving as Disciples of Christ


In addition to the core series, Credo offers five elective semester courses:

  • Elective Option A Exploring Sacred Scripture
  • Elective Option B History of the Catholic Church
  • Elective Option C Living as a Disciple of Jesus in Society
  • Elective Option D Responding to the Call of Jesus Christ
  • Elective Option E Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue



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