RCL Benziger’s Family Life program continues to be adaptable and flexible to supplement any religious education basal program. Resources included in the program help family members improve communication skills, share faith, and grow in their practice of Catholic family living.

The new Second Edition includes:

  • A refreshed design - the cover and interior design as well as many of the images have been updated to reflect today’s families in diverse situations.
  • New diverse life stories - The life stories open each lesson and reflect the growing concerns of today’s families.
  • Alignment with social-emotional learning -  Both the student textbooks and teacher guides align with SEL standards and benchmarks.
  • Child safety education in the student edition - The student edition now includes the Safer Together feature in every lesson, providing quick, resourceful tips empowering children to be confident and safe.
  • Inspiring quotes from the Popes - The Faith on the Fridge feature now includes inspiring statements from Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis, connecting the Family Time take-home pages to the Parent Connection: Opportunities to Love magazine.

This innovative program focuses on partnering with parents. It guides children, parents, teachers, and catechists to integrate five themes into Catholic family living: God’s gifts of family, self, life, love, and community. It presents the teachings of the Church with clarity and offers unparalleled support for Catholic families.

The four Cardinal Virtues—justice, fortitude, temperance, and prudence—and their associated Moral Virtues are taught and reinforced through every unit of each grade level. Each lesson helps students and their families begin to practice the skills required to incorporate the highlighted virtue into everyday family living.



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