Forensic Science for High School is an inquiry-rich science course that focuses on the practices and analyses of physical evidence found at crime scenes. Its comprehensive curriculum provides an effective and engaging way to teach science to high school students. Case studies, laboratory activities, assessment opportunities, photos, and illustrations integral to solving the case allow students to work like forensic scientists.


Murder at Old Fields

Each purchase of Forensic Science includes a subscription to The Murder at Old Fields. The Murder at Old Fields is an online, interactive crime scene that can be used as a supplement or complement to our text. The crime is based on the 1842 double-murder of Alexander and Rebecca Smith at their farmhouse in Old Fields, Long Island, New York. To solve the crime, students examine a 3D crime scene, collect evidence and conduct virtual labs based on the historical facts of this case.

The program features an online classroom with lessons and quizzes that will reinforce and apply the lessons students have learned in their forensic science class.



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