IM 6–8 Math focuses on supporting teachers in the use of research-based instructional routines to successfully facilitate student learning. IM 6-8 Math, authored by Illustrative Mathematics, is highly rated by EdReports for meeting all expectations across all three review gateways. EdReports is an independent nonprofit that reviews K–12 instructional materials.

Kendall Hunt has partnered with Illustrative Mathematics to provide the ONLY FREE, digital IM CertifiedTM middle school math curriculum for students in grades 6-8. In addition to the digital content, Kendall Hunt also distributes IM CertifiedTM IM Professional LearningTM as well as print versions of the curriculum. 

Based on IM 6-8 Math - highly rated by EdReports - IM 6-8 Math Accelerated certified by Illustrative Mathematics addresses the need for a comprehensive, aligned, and effective accelerated pathway to Algebra 1. IM 6-8 Math Accelerated is built upon IM 6-8 Math and shares the same activity, lesson and unit structures and thoughtful progression and coherence across each activity, lesson, and course.

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Conventional accelerated programs advance students by skipping content or entire grades. With current state 6–8 standards that are significantly more demanding than standards in place prior to 2010, this approach is creating significant knowledge gaps as students approach higher grade-level mathematics. IM 6–8 Math Accelerated thoughtfully compacts 6–8 content into two courses and does not skip any foundational concepts. As a result, it is possible to place students who are ready for acceleration on an accelerated pathway to Algebra 1 in grade 8 and achieve a solid K–8 mathematics foundation

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