Stories of God's Love for preschool (ages 3-4 or 4-5) and kindergarten is an easy-to-use, developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum designed to engage children and their families in learning about their Catholic faith and in making the connections between Scripture and daily life. Designed as the foundational cornerstone for each of RCL Benziger's basal programs; Stories of God's Love is aligned, connected, and integrated in a way that provides for the optimum sequential growth in a child's faith formation. In addition, the program provides the flexibility needed to customize your faith formation program.

Connecting with children's social and emotional needs, the hands-on activities embedded within the curriculum are age and developmentally appropriate. Paired with the colorful illustrations, they engage the child and their family in creating a learning environment that mirrors God's love for his children.

Stories of God's Love offers:

  • A Scripture-based approach, presenting the Bible as the source for learning about God

  • Age-appropriate formation with story leaflets and seasonal leaflets

  • Program Director's Manual and in-print and ebook student books meeting the needs of school programs

  • Catechist guides that meet the needs of parish programs

  • A family focus that helps children and their families live Christian values

  • Online support for children, parents, and teachers


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