Daily Practice Problems

The Daily Practice Plus online module for grades 1-5 provides teachers and students with hundreds of additional digital math practice opportunities. Its content is whiteboard ready and not only addresses basic math facts, but reinforces math strands for algebra, geometry, data, number sense, computation, measurement, time, and money.

The module allows teachers to create, edit, and assign practice problems for assignments or assessments. Each grade level includes fill-in, multiple choice, and checkbox questions. Problems that align to the Common Core State Standards are clearly labeled so teachers can create assignments that focus on meeting the new standards.

Teachers can also pull problems at grade level or a grade below in order to differentiate instruction.

The module provides detailed reports about student progress that include the steps needed to solve the problem and the number of attempts a student made to correctly answer it. Student reports also highlight the math strands completed as well as the Common Core standards that have been addressed.

Daily Practice Plus engages students both in school and at home through monetary awards that can be earned by completing assignments and correctly answering questions. The money they earn can be used to purchase items in the module’s student store, reinforcing financial and purchasing skills.