Project M3

Project M3: Mentoring Mathematical Minds is a series of curriculum units developed to motivate and challenge mathematically talented students at the elementary level.

It has long been recognized as one of the nation’s top programs in gifted mathematics education, and now available in Flourish, it delivers even more ways for teachers to motivate and challenge advanced students in grades 3-5.

Supporting the Common Core Standards and based on NAGC exemplary practices, Project M3 facilitates learning with a digital eBook for teachers that provides organization and suggested pacing for each unit, includes rubrics, and differentiates instruction.

The curriculum features explorations of simulated or real-life problems so students can actively solve them in the same ways that practicing mathematicians do.

And with Flourish, teachers can integrate interactive activities on whiteboards or in computer labs that reinforce the learning process.

Project M3 also emphasizes the importance of mathematical communication, both verbally and in written form. Along with discussing mathematical ideas and concepts, students will keep a written journal that helps develop their written communication skills as well as make sense of the mathematics they’ve learned.

Students using the curriculum consistently outperformed a group of like-ability students who did not use Project M3 on standardized testing and open-response items from international and national tests.