Calculus: Concepts and Applications helps prepare students for success in the advanced math classroom and on Advanced Placement Exams. It closely follows the AP Calculus syllabus for both AB and BC levels and contains numerous problems that are similar in format to the AP Exam’s free-response problems.

Available in print and as a digital eBook, the program makes it easier to organize your teaching and improves learning outcomes by presenting calculus as the study of just four fundamental concepts:

  • Limits
  • Derivatives
  • definite integrals, and
  • indefinite integrals.

With just four main ideas on which to focus, students will find calculus more manageable, and they’ll have an easier time understanding, connecting, and remembering important concepts.

Each concept is clearly developed through graphical, algebraic, numerical, and verbal methods, so differentiation is made easy. Students will deepen their understanding as they are guided through multiple approaches to problem solving.

The digital eBook provides point-of-use links that give teachers and students easy access to ancillary resources as well as a resource tab that provides a resource list for each eBook section.