Discovering Advanced Algebra

Discovering Advanced Algebra will keep students engaged as they tackle challenging topics. Real data, real-life situations, and real-world applications help motivate students and illustrate the importance of what they’re learning as they address the Common Core State Standards and Mathematical Practices.

Discovering Advanced Algebra is available as a traditional print text as well as in an eBook format that’s accessible from most Internet-enabled devices. The program’s Teacher’s Edition for the CCSS contains a full correlation and illustrates the standards and mathematical practices addressed in each lesson.

The curriculum uses data to model pure-algebra concepts, derive functions, solve problems, and build skills, giving students daily experience with modeling, problem solving, and the use of mathematical tools–all emphasized in the CCSS.

Students will develop and practice skills such as multiplying and factoring polynomials and solving many kinds of equations in a wide variety of mathematical settings. They’ll also become familiar with multiple representations of concepts.

Investigations, visual representations, and opportunities for discussion enable teachers to integrate multiple teaching modes so visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners all benefit. This diverse approach to teaching will also strengthen students’ understanding and retention of advanced algebra concepts and skills.

Discovering Advanced Algebra also thoughtfully incorporates technology and allows teachers to customize the curriculum with a broad range of options, including graphing calculators and math software.