Math Innovations is a coherent and focused middle grades curriculum that aligns to the Common Core State Standards and is designed to engage students in gaining a richer and deeper understanding of mathematics.

Mathematical ideas are presented in a real-world context to help students understand how math is related to and relevant in their lives. As a result, Math Innovations students establish a strong foundation of reasoning and critical thinking skills that will help them become successful in today’s classroom and beyond.

Available in Flourish, Kendall Hunt’s digital learning network, the program provides a fully interactive middle grades curriculum that consists of three levels, each featuring five units that focus on a single concept. It addresses critical mathematics areas and supports student learning with a variety of real-life problem solving scenarios that are addressed through activities, games, and investigations.

Math Innovations eBooks are accessible from most Internet-ready devices, including iPads. Teacher and student eBooks also contain technology tools that enhance and supplement unit texts, are interactive whiteboard compatible, and can be used both in the classroom and at home.

Math Innovations can also be used with a print text as a combined curriculum solution. Designed to provide educators with maximum flexibility, it can be used as a complete program or as individual units that match any curriculum sequence–especially those that lead to the study of Algebra I in eighth grade.